Best Multimeter Reviews – (TOP 10 RATED 2015 – 2016)

Multimeters are electronic gadgets that can be dated to 100 years back when they were first used maintenance and repair of electronic items such as radio and telegraph. Today’s multimeters are much more powerful than things of the past and can help people quickly find out the characteristics like volts, amps and ohms of a circuit.

Also, modern multimeters are capable of storing rapidly varying value with real-time precision across a number of different testing modes.

In addition to measuring voltage, current and resistance, several advanced multimeters today enable users to measure capacitance, inductance, temperature etc.


With the help of thermocouple, temperature can be easily read by a multimeter. A multimeter is a go to tool for engineers whenever they face any problem with circuit design or flow.

Below you will the highest rated multimeters in the market.

  1. Mastech MS8268 – Mastech MS8268 is high precious digital multimeter. Mastech MS8268 works in both AC/DC modes. AC stands for alternating current and DC is for direct current. The range of Mastech MS8268 can be set up manual for obtaining higher precision values. It is one of the top selling multimeters in the market and has been ranked highly by users at 4.8/5.
  2. Fluke 115 Compact – Fluke 115 Compact is a true RMS digital multimeters. RMS stands for root mean square. It is high precious device because it takes several readings for the same circuit and then finds out the RMS value, which is a high precision result. It is clearly the highest rated product in this category at 4.9/5.
  3. Etekcity digital multimeter – One of the cheapest multimeters out there.
  4. INNOVA 3320 – This is a low cost, high quality digital mulitmeter that is going to give you an accurate result. It is one of the bestselling products in the market. It is also one of the highest rated products at 4.7/5. Most engineering students and entry level engineers use this digital multimeters instead of more costly models.
  5. Extech MN35 – If you are looking for a dirt cheap multimeter that doesn’t suck, then you should purchase this multimeter. It is very compact in size and gives precision readings. It will nicely fit in your bag and help you decipher circuits at will.
  6. Amprobe AM-510 – This multimeter can be used for both experimental and professional purposes. This means that it is an ideal choice for engineering students and entry level engineering professionals. It is not the cheapest product in the market, but the features are worth the price tag.
  7. Crenova MS8233D – This is another dirt cheap digital multimeter which a person should buy if he is starting out with electronics for fun.
  8. Klein Tools MM100 – This digital multimeter from Klein Tools is a manual ranging equipment that is going to assist you in solving complex circuits.
  9. Tekpower TP8286 – One of the finest multimeters in the business. It works with both AC and DC and comes with auto/manual range. With NCV feature, you will find it very handy.
  10. Mastech MS8229 – This one of the best multimeters that you can buy in 2016. It offers 5 features at the price of one and is rated very well by users at 4.6/5.

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